Pssst... your competitors aren't doing this!

How To Get Your Emails Opened, Your Links Clicked, And Your Products Sold Even If You Have No Experience And Can't Write To Save Your Bloody Life!

Dear Friend,

Have you ever ignored an email from a close friend because the subject line wasn't exciting or sexy enough to arrest your attention?


Neither have I.

When a close friend sends you an email, you open it up, without hesitation, right? You couldn't care less if the subject line is an enticing one or not.

How To Get Your
Emails Read

I'm not suggesting your email subscribers are your close friends, but what I am saying is this: if you can write emails that engage your readers, then the chances of them opening up your future emails, are pretty high.

They open your emails because they enjoy reading them.

What novel idea; writing emails that people actually WANT to read.

And that's what I'm going to help you do.

I'm going to help you write emails that engage, entertain, and separate you from the other five-dozen marketers you are competing against inside your subscribers inbox.

Push Send; Make Money
Yes, It IS Possible

The emails I teach YOU to write in Email Prestige; as long as you’re actively building a responsive email list, have a great product to promote, and want to create long-standing relationships with your subscribers – will help you make money every time you hit the send button.

It’s not magic
It’s not rocket science
It’s not even difficult

...But you must be willing to do what I show you to do, and you certainly must NOT be afraid of pissing a few snowflakes off along the way.

Take a peek inside your inbox right now.

What do you see?

Stuffy, Boring,
Tame, and Lifeless
Emails Written for
Fence Sitters

And you can do better; so much better in fact.


That’s what I
want for you

However, if you’re afraid to go against the grain; afraid to take a contrarian approach, and you are NOT ready and willing to discard the advice given by an ever growing failing mediocre majority, you will be much better off investing in someone elses email product.


I’m sure there are many
out there to choose from

I’m also pretty sure your competitors are implementing those tactics and strategies right now, as we speak.

Your choice.


What Email Prestige Is Not

It’s NOT stuffed with vague, half-baked, regurgitated drivel most email marketers have been taught.

You won’t learn anything about list building, squeeze pages, segmentation or anything else that isn’t directly related to writing persuasive, money making emails.

Because that’s what the goal of this training is about; to show you how to write emails that are interesting, engaging, entertaining, and make you money.


What Email Prestige IS

First let me clear things up.

Email Prestige IS for aggressive marketers who want to take this industry by the balls, give it a good tight squeeze – and stand out like a bulimic in a weight watchers class.

You’ll learn how to make far MORE money with far LESS subscribers, using strategies, techniques, ideas and concepts that are specifically designed to build stronger, longer-lasting relationships with people who understand and resonate with you on an intimate level.


It makes no difference whether
you’re in this business for 5 years,
5 months, 5 weeks or even 5 days


What I will show you, is how to trounce the experts in your market without the need for Einstein like knowledge or big branding like McDonald's.

As long as you can follow direction, your experience level in your market counts for nothing - as ANYONE with a pulse can dominate inbox's with the right approach.

But you MUST be willing and wanting to build relationships with real people.


No gimmicks and tricks
No burn and churn methods
No unethical shenanigans


So, if you’re up to the task of writing engaging emails that people love to read – and your intention is staunch on being as ethical as possible, while focusing on helping people in your market, then strap yourself in because you’re in for lesson in email writing persuasion like no other.


Some of what you’ll find
inside Email Prestige include...

How wet behind the ears whipper-snapper marketers with very little experience can outsell their competitors who have much more experience and bigger email lists (I don't care whether you're in business 5 years, 5 months, 5 weeks, 5 days or even 5 minutes. Your experience DOES NOT determine your success, because when you write emails the way I show you inside email prestige; witchcraft happens)


The one little trick I use in every email I write, that practically forces your readers out of automatic mode, engages them instantly, and makes them hang onto every word (this approach is not only paramount to your success as an email marketer, it's what's going to separate you from the other "me too" marketers inside your subscribers inbox)


Exactly how to sell in every email you send to your list without coming off like a needy, snake oil salesman (it really is astonishing how many people feel the need to force their products down their subscribers throats. You will never have to do that)


The 4 things you must understand if you want to build a list of die-hard followers; not a bunch of fence sitters (given license to do so, the majority of people on your email list will gladly sponge off you and then go spend their money on someone elses product)


How one sportsman, without proving himself against much more experienced competitors, got a title shot just from using the strategy I show you inside Email Prestige (this is EXACTLY why you can get far better results than what all the experts in your market are getting)


Why craving validation and looking for praise from your subscribers is the polar opposite of what makes them want to buy from you (if you care more about praise than you do about making money, then don't even bother reading any further)


Exactly how to write the PERFECT welcome email which guarantees you... 1) Bond new subscribers to you right away 2) Build unbreakable trust and 3) Persuade new subscribers to buy what you're selling on the first contact


What two of the biggest publications in the world can teach you about writing subject lines (these publications are read by billionaires, millionaires, middle-class people and lower class people. This technique has been scientifically proved to engage all humans)


Clever ways to write stories that pack so much punch your readers can't wait to open your emails (Even if you think you can't write stories, I'll show you how easy it really is)


Why you don't need big branding or testimonials to make CONSISTENT SALES with every email you write and send to your list (You don't need to compete against the likes of Frank Kern, Brendan Burchard, Mike Filsaime, Amy Porterfield or any other big name gurus in your industry)


Why you MUST speak directly to your prospects 450 million year old reptilian brain if you want them to make a buying decision (If you can't engage and persuade your prospects emotional, decision-making brain, it really doesn't matter how fantastic your products are, they simply will not buy from you)


How the mediocre majority reinforce outdated strategies that are guaranteed to keep you struggling (If you truly want to stand out, you MUST ignore what the mediocre majority are doing)


Why mastering the art and science of writing persuasive emails can change every other part of your communication across many different platforms (when you learn how to write emails the way I show you, you'll dramatically increase every other part of your business)


The most powerful writing skill you can easily develop which gets your readers attention, holds that attention with an iron fist, and then redirect the attention onto whatever it is you are promoting (This is the SECRET SAUCE almost ALL marketers don't understand )


How to write bizarre, shocking, kooky, funny, and curiosity driven subject lines that get QUALIFIED people to open your emails (when you write subject lines like these, your open rates will soar - and they will be much more TARGETED opens)


Why the length of your emails play a crucial role in how relationships are built with your subscribers (Do you write long emails or short emails? There's a lot of misinformation surrounding this topic. With the help of the worlds leading marketing experts we'll put this one to bed once and for all)


Exactly the kinds of stories you want to write that make people relate to you on a personal level (HINT: nobody cares about your rise to success, or how poor you once were)


What a wealthy Chef, Comedian, Investor, Talk Show Host and Sports Star can teach you about building a loyal list of raving fans (I'll show you why non-conforming celebrities demand attention, and get it without breaking a sweat, and why their audiences hang on to their every word)


The difference between pretending to be your subscribers friend when you write to them, and writing to a real friend (You already know that you should be talking to your subscribers like you would talk to a friend, but if you're being honest, and you look inside your inbox right now, there are very, very few people who can pull this off without sounding like a fake)


Exactly how to use contrast throughout your emails to guarantee your readers pay attention to every word they read (The answer to this doozy, is all around us, and yet, not many people are paying attention to it)


Why sending MORE emails gets you LESS spam complaints and has the added benefit of making you MORE money (Okay, this one sounds too good to be true, but if you follow what I tell you do do, you'll see EXACTLY why it works)


The REAL reason emails are deleted without given 5 seconds of attention (This is so obvious you'll be amazed you never thought of it before)


Why "content" is NOT King when it comes to sending emails to your list (And how you can profit from not trying to "out content" the competition)


How to FASCINATE your readers and take advantage of the most precious resource online (Your subscribers are getting up to 100 emails inside their inbox each and every day; what makes you think YOUR emails are worth their undivided attention)


How to avoid the G-mail promotions tab and make sure your emails always arrive inside your subscribers personal folder (When you understand how to do this, you won't have to compete for the attention of your subscribers; you'll already OWN it)


The secret to making your emails easy to read (If you overdo it, your email can look messy. When done right, however, it can make your emails much more inviting to read)


The one tool every A-List copywriter uses to bring their writing to life and add more punch. I use this tool every single time I write an email (There's a reason people scan through emails and don't pay attention to what they are reading. When I show you how to eliminate the dreaded "email scan" using this very simple tool, your emails will always get the attention they deserve)


How to avoid building an email list full of free loading peasants who will gladly suck you dry (Most email lists are full of these leeches, and it costs them time and money to not address the issue head on)


The secret to getting people on your list to contact you, thanking you for your emails (Yes, this happens to me every time I send an email - and I don't have to ask)


Learn how to turn seemingly boring, mundane, everyday events into engaging and interesting emails that build relationships with your subscribers like nothing else I know of (I'm pretty shit at telling stories, but I've learned how to EASILY address this problem - and it works like gangbusters)


Exactly the method I use to write personality driven emails (Even though I'm completely Introverted, I learned how to inject personality into my emails without any effort. You'll see how easy it really is)


Why you don't need to spend days and weeks researching the demographics of your market in order to communicate on their level (Fortunately for us both, people are pretty much the same wherever you go - and easy to communicate with on a personal level. I'll show you EXACTLY how to do this)


Why writing safe, boring emails will kill your response immediately (People will NOT be bored in print, or on glass. The sooner you internalize this and address it, the quicker your business will grow - and of course, I'll show you how NOT to be boring)


The most important ideas you need to be filing away inside a swipe file that you can dip into any time you like, for instant email ideas (I will give you all my resources and websites I use to get a flood of topics for any kind of email)


The PERFECT way to structure an email for maximum response (You can't just send out any old email and expect it to be a home run. There's a proven format you must use if you want people to engage with your messages)


Why people rarely remember the nuts ‘n bolts of an email. They remember stories, funny moments, controversial pieces, and they most definitely remember the bizarro/nutzo stuff, but rarely will they remember boring and bland information


The biggest and most obvious reason why marketers are automatically perceived as untrustworthy (And how YOU can take advantage of this fact, by doing the opposite)


How to use template themes to cut your email writing time in half (This is what I used myself in the very beginning of my email marketing career - and it works better today than it did back then)



And that's just the beginning.
There's a whole lot more, like...


How to take existing emails you, or your competition have written, and pull them apart to make the "infinitely" more engaging... How to come up with subject lines "on demand" that absolutely MUST be opened by your subscribers... The EXACT resource guide I use so I NEVER run out of ideas for emails... The very same method I use EVERY DAY to take any boring email, and turn it into an EXCITING piece of content... and what about...



Yep, you've read that right.

You'll get complete unrestricted access to 50 of my own emails that you can use to build credibility and trust with your own subscribers.

These emails are very long (average 1000 words) and are very well written.

You won't find this type of content on the likes of the Warrior Forum or any PLR website.


Nobody else gets access to these
emails but Email Prestige buyers

I struggled with the idea of including them in this package. Why? Because they ARE very valuable - and a lot of work has gone into creating them over the years.

A lot of these emails are "teaching" emails, and are PERFECT for you to dip into, and adapt to your own email campaigns. When used in conjunction with what I show you inside the Email Prestige training, you will be so far ahead of your competition they won't know what hit them.

How Much Time And
Money Are You Wasting
On Building Your Email
List Right Now?

I want you to seriously consider the consequences, and frustrations that lie ahead for you if you don't get good at writing emails that engage your subscribers.

Think of how big an email list you'll need to build in order to make any kind of real money, if you can't engage your readers and gain their trust?

That right there is a harsh lesson many are learning the hard way..

But it doesn't need to be like that.

It's ridiculous how many people focus on building email lists, but never put any focus into building relationships with their subscribers.

The fact is, writing engaging emails that entertain, educate and have personality, will not only make you more money, but will also help separate you from your competitors.

How much is that worth to you?

But as I said at the start of this page...


In fact, it's NOT for MOST people:

If you're a delicate little darling who CRAVES VALIDATION from your subscribers - and you're afraid to stand out and be yourself when addressing your audience; DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT.

If you're a regular visitor of the WSO section of the Whiner Forum because you love to price shop; again, DON'T BOTHER BUYING.

If you consistently complain about information overload and NEVER follow through with instruction; DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME.

If you get offended by colourful language, and you're afraid to stand out and stand for something in your crowded marketplace, DO NOT BUY EITHER.


I, and many others will continue to use the strategies, concepts and techniques inside Email Prestige to stand head and shoulders above all the "me too" marketers trying desperately to keep their head above water.

Whether you buy today, or not, is of little consequence to me.

But I DO want you to look at this as an INVESTMENT not a PURCHASE

It's important you always have a investment mindset.


Plus, Your Satisfaction (And Success) is 100% Guaranteed:

And, it's especially important you act right away considering I am offering you this ridiculous "no-brainer" guarantee:

If over the first 365 days, you decide “Email Prestige” isn’t for you for ANY REASON — simply email my fantastic Member Services team…

They’ll close out your Email Prestige membership… offer it to someone else… and refund every penny you paid — no questions asked.

So, it's now or never to make a choice on whether Email Prestige is right for you, or not.

Or whether it's worth letting it slip by as you continue to do what everyone else has been taught to do - and inevitably get the same results as the many in your market.

Just look at the emails you get inside your inbox every day.

Do they inspire you?

Can you do better?

You most certainly can do better.

To get started, please Click Here

You’ll get access to the full program within a few minutes of placing your order — so you can literally get started right away.

And rest assured that the “365-Day No-Questions Guarantee” I am offering will be 100% honored if you choose to use it.

To your success,

Declan O'Flaherty

Declan O'Flaherty
Founder of Email Prestige


Here's what you're getting when you invest in Email Prestige today....

The Email Prestige Main eBook: (This is a No-Filler 129 page guide which takes you by the hand, and teaches you everything you need to understand about writing persuasive, money-making emails that engage, entertain, and dare I say it, polarise your audience so you end up with a list chocked full of LOYAL FANS; not just luke-warm subscribers)

The Email Prestige Subject Line Madness eBook: (Everything you need to know about writing attention grabbing, contrarian, curiosity driven headlines that stand out inside your subscribers cluttered inbox)

The Email Prestige Book Of Resources: (Inside this guide I list out ALL of my favourite places around the web to get inspiration on almost every topic you can think of. You will never run out of ideas and topics for emails ever again)

The Email Prestige Book Of Incredible Phrases, Metaphors, Similes, Power Words, Funny, and Controversial Statements: (This is my secret sauce when it comes to spicing up my emails so they aren't boring. You will be blown away by this one)

The Little Black Book Of Email Ideas: (Inside this short, 50 page document I list out 27 tactics and strategies you can use in your business, right now, today. Each individual idea can be worth thousands to your bottom line, and each of the 27 ideas has been battle tested to work for anyone in any niche)

50 Email Templates: (I'm giving you 50 of my own best emails which you can use whichever way you choose. Use them inside your autoresponder sequences to make sales, build credibility and authority, and bond with your subscribers. Each email is about 1000 words in length, very well written, and can be broken up into 2 or 3 separate emails if you wish.)
Note: There's a video inside the members area which shows you how to get the best out of these emails.

The Email Mini Product Launch Guide: (Have you got a new product coming out? Are you re-releasing an old product to your list. Or maybe you have a new promotion for an affiliate product coming up? Inside this guide I will show you how to set up a product launch set of emails that guarantee you make as many sales as possible)

But wait, there's more...

The Email Prestige Video Training Series: (You will also be getting 16 HD videos detailing and outlining everything you'll ever need to know about writing the best emails you've ever written before. Each video tackles one specific topic, and when you're through with the videos, you will know EXACTLY what it takes to make sales on demand every time you write and send an email to your list)

But wait, there's more...

The Email Prestige Audiobook Series: (Yes, as well as all the valuable documents and in depth videos, I'm also giving you a complete 4 ½ hour long audiobook. These audios are STAND ALONE audios and where NOT stripped from the videos)


Praise For Declan O'Flaherty's
Email Wily Ways...

I got the bug to reply because I gotta love an email marketer who promotes his event by telling people "If you don't sign up, then I'd much rather you get the fuck off my list"!

Who says that to their prospects?

Most email marketers have tepid, people pleasing emails, and you never really know if they're sincere or not; I'm pretty sure you are, and that makes all the difference.

Greg Vinson

Hey Declan,

Just wanted to say some of your recent mails about polarizing your audience and pre-qualifying were bang on point.

Taking it to the next level of not pandering to the whims of everybody and trying to please the entire world (like every other marketer) was fucking inspired.

Mark Tandon

If you've ever needed a seriously good mentor...that knows how to write emails...really good converting emails, Declans your guy...You need emails that stand out and people want to read.

Nile Vincent

Everybody can teach you how to write emails daily. Even if you're resisting and wriggling your legs like a newborn octopus.

But if you need somebody to tell you how you can create your own style and voice, somebody who has both, then I cannot think of anyone better fit than Declan O'Flaherty.

And with "Email Prestige" he's surpassed himself.

You're going to get results when you dive into "Email Prestige" and use it.

Seriously good stuff.

Britt Malka

Declan, I could not agree with you more. THANK YOU for telling it like it is. Your emails are one of the only ones I actually look forward to receiving and reading.

THANK YOU again. You rock!

Keep up keeping it real!!!

Joey. J

Reading your emails is like fuck man, this dude must be burning his subscribers up.

But when I think about it, from my own experience..

It is the opposite..

It's like you're a real time case study of real email marketing..

Stuff I aspire to and am working daily to achieve..

Rock on dude, your message is powerful.

Michael Harris

Another brilliant email. You seem to be able to slice right into the heart of it.

You always seem to see the obvious that we are all missing.

Thank you.

Harry Gross

I' m 64 and have been trying this internet biz for a while now. (Sorry to say, NO success AT ALL though). Since I'm rather new to your mailing list and reading your mails, man alive, my perspective has changed.

But what you say and how you lay it all out, man I love your style!!!!!!

You have blown me away... In my opinion you are unique in what you do and how you do it.

Really enjoying it brother, yet learning at the same time....



Thanks for the Sunday laugh, it’s always good hear a strong opinion about something.

Too many milk toast marketers are too afraid to be themselves.

Keep up the good work.

P.S: I love that you are no BS and ALWAYS open your emails.

Glen Friesen

Hey there my friend,

Thanks again for your great emails you send my way. You have a great way with words that makes your emails both informative and immensely entertaining.

I've told you this before, but again, just want to say that I always look forward to getting an email from you, and I save every one of them for later reading as well.

Keep up the good stuff!

Jesse Eric Whitehead

You are the only person I open emails I receive from because I trust you
and you always to the point.

Syed Alam

OMG! Powerful words!

Hi Declan,

Hope you don't mind... I cut and pasted this entire email into a Word file that now sits on my desktop to be read everyday. (Bolded, Highlighted, and framed)

I bought all of your stuff and read everything you send. You're pretty darned smart... and a good writer too.

Thanks so much and I'm so glad I found you!

Charles Rolfe

Hi Declan, I enjoy your emails. I am on your mailing list though I haven't ordered anything from you.. I think your emails are are funny and a breathe of fresh air ...since your personality shines through in each email.

Art Amavisca

Love it - great email. I know I have said it before, but I do appreciate getting emails that actually carry a decent message or good info.

Yours very often do both, along with some good old irreverent entertainment.

Grahame Brown

Hello Declan,

I think you hold the record for the longest time I've gone without unsubscribing to a list - I dunno, about four months now.

You're a real good writer/personality - witty and funny in fact, and quite engaging.

Brian Carter

Still have some questions?

Here are some of the most common questions I get all the time:

Q: Even A Complete Beginner Can Do This? Is it really possible?

After you’ve followed my step-by-step instructions — absolutely!

Remember: You don't need to be an expert copywriter to write engaging emails. In fact, YOU already have everything you will ever need to write amazing emails that build strong, long-lasting relationships with your subscribers.

YOU are the determining factor.

YOU are your biggest advantage.

YOU are your product.

YOU are the person your subscribers relate to, and resonate with.

As long as you can talk to the lady at the cashier checkout in your local store without bumbling all over yourself, you already are qualified to write personality driven emails.

YES! You can absolutely do this.

Here's an example of an email I sent to my list recently that killed it. Notice, this email is just 429 words - a little over a page in Microsoft Word - and also notice how I have a little fun by "purposely" screwing up the names of the reality TV. shows I'm talking about:

Here it is in its entirety...


Hi Firstname,

Ever watch the X idol, or pop Factor or whatever the hell it's called?

I don't.

It's not important anyway.

What is important, is why millions of people can't wait to tune into the show, not necessarily to hear the singers, which is the point of the show anyway, but instead, to hear Simon Cowell tell these wannabe popstars they have no talent.

I'd love that job.

What's also important to understand, is that many people admire his honest feedback and quick wit, while others view him as a rude and harsh individual.

And that's normal.

In fact, I can relate.

I get emails from people on both sides of the fence all the time.

Some like me.

Some, not so much.

And that's fine by me, because the last thing I want, is for people to ignore me completely.

Remember, the biggest problem we all must actively address, is the one of inertia.

Being ignored.

All the other judges on the X Idol, or pop factor, or whatever the hell its called, pale in comparison to Simon Cowell.

You know what he is?

A breath of fresh air.

He tells it like it is, and in doing so, he wakes self-delusional individuals from their self-indulgent stupor and does it in a way that lights up the ratings.

He says things most people would love to say, but are afraid to say.

And what about you, firstname?

Are you worth paying attention to?

What's that?

Your claim to fame is centered around giving people amazing content?

Good for you and your ego.

I hope the both of you are happy .

Just remember that your content is NOT your ACE in the hole.


YOU are your product.

YOU are the defining factor when it comes to getting attention.

YOU are the reason people either pay attention to your content, or ignore your content.

And if YOU ain't different than everyone else, like Simon Cowell is different than the other presenters on the X idol, or pop factor, or whatever the hell its called, then don't be surprised if your emails go straight into the delete folder without ever been read.

Think about that next time you write an email.

Now, if you want to have Cowell like status inside the cluttered inbox of your subscribers, you need to write entertaining, engaging and polarizing emails that snap people out of their nap.

It just so happens I can show you how to do just that, inside Email Prestige right here...

- Declan


That's it. No brilliance here.

But my readers love it - and it sells products.


Q: I’m excited to do this, but can’t think of a market or a product. Is that a problem?

Not to worry.

The beauty about writing the Email Prestige way, is that you can do this in any market, selling to anyone, as long as they are human beings.

Another thing: It doesn't matter what products you promote to your list. Why? Because the way I will show you how to write emails - will transfer into any market and help you sell any product - because, to put it simply, it is NOT about the "thing" it's about getting people to buy into YOU.

That's the power of writing emails the way I'm going to show you.

As long as you engage your readers, they will want to buy from you.

It really is that simple and straightforward.


Q: I’m not a copywriter. Can I still do this?


I'm not a great copywriter either. Believe me.

I wrote this very sales page using the writing skills I have honed from writing my emails.

That's another incredible advantage of learning to write emails the way I show you inside Email Prestige. What you will learn when you go through the program, will transfer onto many different platforms with ease.


Because learning how to engage people in such a short, tight space inside an email, will automatically transfer onto any other advertising platform

After all, we are writing to REAL people here.


Q: Can I do this and keep my job?

Of course!

I spend no more than 15 minutes each day writing an email to my list, and I'm done for the day.

Yes, I choose to work on other parts of my business, however, if I was to just build my list, and just send out an email which took me 15 minutes to write, I would still earn enough to live comfortably.

And so can you.

Remember, your biggest asset is your email list. Learn how to engage those people on your list, and you'll never have to worry about money ever again.

A big claim I know, but it's 100% true.


Q: Do I need employees? Will I ever need them?

Absolutely not.

I run my entire business by my lonesome self.

That's the way I want it.

I wouldn't have it any other way.


Q: That guarantee you’re offering — is it for real?

Yes. 100%. Seriously.

The last thing I want is for you to be “stuck” with a resource that’s not ideal for you.

That’s why I insist that any product I offer — comes with an ironclad, no-risk “test-drive” period.

So let me repeat it:


Plus, Your Satisfaction (And Success) is 100% Guaranteed:

And, it's especially important you act right away considering I am offering you this ridiculous "no-brainer" guarantee:

If over the first 365 days, you decide “Email Prestige” isn’t for you for ANY REASON — simply email my fantastic Member Services team…

They’ll close out your Email Prestige membership… offer it to someone else… and refund every penny you paid — no questions asked.

Q: How fast can I get started?

In a word: Immediately.

You’ll have access to the full program within a few minutes of placing your order.

All you have to do is click on the link I’ll send you in the “Confirmation Email” I’ll send you the moment I process your payment.

Then, you’ll be able to access the full program on your Email Prestige Member Page anytime you want. (Full instructions for accessing your page will also come to you by email.)

Any Other Questions?

Be sure to contact me at any time, day or night, and I will personally answer any questions you may have: Here's my personal email address...

You’ll get access to the full program within a few minutes of placing your order — so you can literally get started right away.

And rest assured that the “365-Day No-Questions Guarantee” I am offering will be 100% honored if you choose to use it.

To your success,

Declan O'Flaherty

Declan O'Flaherty
Founder of Email Prestige

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